how to prepare the perfect cold brew coffee


It’s a hot day and you’re craving something caffeinated and delicious but the last thing you want is steaming cup of hot coffee. What to do if you still need your daily pick me up? Introducing one of the most versatile and popular drinks of the summer: cold-brew coffee! (The crowd goes wild).

What is Cold-Brew Coffee?

Cold-brew coffee is brewed using cold (or room temperature, more about this later) water, using a device with a filter such as a French Press. The main difference with coffee that is brewed using hot water is that it tastes much less acidic, easier on the stomach and smoother tasting. There are as many ways to prepare cold-brew as there are ways to enjoy it. We chose a process that takes several hours, which is perfect to prepare and leave overnight. When the process is finished you should end up with a thick concentrate to which you can add water and ice to enjoy.

While there are variations on a theme for cold java, like Japanese style iced coffee, cold brew is a staple of the Summer here in the States and in many countries around the world. In fact, a recent article by Forbes cited cold-brew coffee sales in the US jumping from $8.1 million in 2015, to $38.1 million in 2017. That’s a 370% jump!

If you’ve never tried it or are curious on how to prepare it, check out some tips and a recipe below. Keep in mind this is a long process which takes approximately 12 hours +. So prepare it the evening before and forget it.

By the way, this is a great “potion” you can prepare with your kids. You could also prepare a quick cold chocolate “potion” for them as well so they can have it on the spot. This is a great way to keep them entertained and learning new things every day.

Cold-Brew Coffee

Time to prepare: 3 minute preparation. 12 hours of brew (rest) time.

Things you need:
1 French Press or container, such as a jar with a filter.
2 Fresh water*
3 Great coffee at medium roast and medium-coarse grind work well. If you need superb coffee, you can check out Kofihana’s Light roast and Our Medium Roast Here:

*Note: It’s essential to use the best water you can find. Bottled water is not our favorite due to the ecological impact, but if you don’t have any filtered water around and your tap water isn’t great tasting, it is a good alternative.

How to prepare:

1. Measure a ratio of 1:5 coarsely ground coffee to filtered water. For example, one cup of coffee and 5 cups of water.
2. Add your ground coffee and filtered water to your container, preferably a French Press.
3. Let steep for 12 hours in the fridge. Some experts are of the opinion that leaving the coffee in the fridge for that period of time will hamper the ability of water to extract all the flavors, so they preferred leaving it out.
4. Press your coffee. If you’re using a mason jar; strain your brew through a cheesecloth, or use a coffee filter. Store in the fridge.
5. Add water, milk, or pour straight over ice and enjoy.

That’s all there is to it! Hope you enjoyed this easy recipe! Stay tuned for more coffee goodness.