Yes, I can do it! Making the move from the corporate world to leading your own startup. 


“If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.”

-Oprah Winfrey


You’ve probably seen many recent inspirational stories about women starting their own successful businesses and ruling the world. If you’ve ever felt like being the subject of one of those success stories, we are here to tell you: You can do it!

Just like the Oprah quote says at the beginning of this article, it all starts with the spirit. Believing passionately in your idea, applying all your energy, and dedicating enough time are the basic ingredients required to prepare for your dream venture. 

Another important action you can take is to search around your local area to find other mom-owned businesses that have been successful. Networking is an integral part of any business and exchanging lessons will always benefit both companies.  Since Kofihana is based in South Florida, we’ll thought we’d share a great example of a local success story: Misha’s cupcakes, is a mom-owned business that sells delicious cupcakes, cakes, and edible goodies (The Tres Leches Cake is to die for). The once tiny operation is now a successful chain that operates 8 stores all around South Florida. Most importantly for you, what a company like Misha’s definitely has, is a great understanding of their local market, which could help you if you were starting a food-based company for example. 

Like Misha’s Cupcakes, there are hundreds of amazing mom-owned ventures that deliver amazing products and services. Our own Mom-In-Chief Mafer, is the shaper of one of these exemplary stories. She founded Kofihana with the idea of helping other moms be able to stay at home with babies and still lead a productive work life; all while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee ;).


From dreams to market:

The reality is, many of the best ideas in the world are stagnant, floating aimlessly in the mind of someone who wishes to execute and bring these ideas to life, but simply doesn’t know-how. Many times, these ideas are simply lost. Overtaken by the rat race and demands of daily life. It’s very important that you always write down your ideas, just like a musician records the melodies that occasionally pop up in the shower. 

By putting an idea to “paper” you have already started your journey as an entrepreneur. Innumerable companies and organizations have started from sitting down at the kitchen table and jotting down ideas. Of course it’s vitally important to follow up those ideas by developing a robust plan.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.”

  • Margaret Thatcher

In future articles, we’ll lay out our entrepreneurial road map which will help you understand some of the requirements, challenges and lessons that mompreneurs have to navigate. 

The important thing throughout this whole process is to never lose sight of the idea. Before you take it to market, you might have to work at it, refining or expanding it. But when it’s right, it will provide value to your customers and act as a lighthouse to guide your venture.

In the wise words of Walt E. Disney, “I hope we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”