#HappyMOMents – Whole Beans – 12oz


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Medium-Dark Decaf Roast from Marcala, Honduras, with a bubbly and sweet personality. Start your day with a spring in your step. Looking for our Ground option? Click HERE

The decaffeination process is completely chemical free, just made with water, making this product a great option for pregnant moms and breastfeeding moms. According to the American Pregnancy Association, experts have stated that moderate levels of caffeine have not been found to have a negative effect on pregnancy.  The definition of moderate varies anywhere from 150 mg – 250 mg a day. A brewed 8 oz cup of Decaf coffee has 2-5 mg of caffeine so you can enjoy a couple of cups and be safe. Ask your doctor what is the correct amount for you.

19 in stock (can be backordered)



When you were a mom to your favorite doll, you never imagined how rewarding life as a real mom could really be. From the moment that first smile melted your heart, to the unforgettable moments of graduation day (even if they are only graduating from kindergarten) , enjoy the meaningful and unforgettable happy moments in life, with a cup of our caramelly-smooth Decaf roast.   

If our Decaf went to school it would receive an A+, not only because we think it’s amazing, but because it uses the world’s finest natural decaffeination process which uses only water to deliver a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free while maintaining a bold, rich, caramelly flavor. This specialty grade coffee first expresses sweet honey and velvet tones, followed by subtle white floral notes characteristic of the high mountains of Marcala Region. A canopy of assorted types of shade trees is created to cultivate our shade-grown coffee. All our products are made from 100% arabica USDA certified organic coffee and non-GMO sourced.

At Kofihana we believe that every sip of our coffee boosts our mission of inspiring, empowering and supporting you and other moms around the world.  Sip with us! Mommin’ non-stop but… first coffee!


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